Insertion and extraction tool

Warning !

To ensure the optimal proofing characteristics, all the contacts must be inserted in the insulator.

Insertion and extraction tool (essential)



Contact Ø2.

part number 486 597 00
(White-blue/ identification ring)
577 454 006
(blue identification ring)
577 458 006
(yellow identification ring)




1- Pin extraction

2- Pin, socket insertion

3- Socket extraction


Contact insertion

Contact extraction


Contact insertion: beginning with a center cavity of the connector, insert the contact by applying a slow even pressure until the contact snaps into position.

Contact extraction: Choose the proper tool for the contact to be extracted (No. 1 for .socket, No. 3 for pin). Place the tool tip over the pin or into the socket contact and with a slow even pressure push the contact out the back of the insert.