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CONTACT INSERTION (1 - 1.6 and 2.4 mm dia) USA sizes : 20-16-12

  1. Cut the wires to length and strip the insulation from the end to be crimped.
  2. Put the stripped end of the wire into the contact well, making sure the wire is visible through the inspection hole in the contact. The end of the wire insulation should touch the rear of the contact.

  3. With the crimping tool crimp the wire or alternatively solder the wire into the contact well. In this case, the stripped end of the wire and the contact well should be tinned separately and then assembled by means of a clean soldering iron in order that any tin traces be avoided outside the contacts.
  4. Hold the contact securely in the recess of tool number 2.

  5. Beginning with a centre cavity of the connector, insert the contact by applying a slow even pressure until the contact snaps into position. Be sure that the tool is perpendicular to the insulator face.

  6. A visual inspection will assure that the contacts are inserted to the proper depth.


Choose the proper tool for the contact to be extracted (No. 1 for socket, No. 3 for pin). Place the tool tip over the pin or into the socket contact and with a slow even pressure push the contact out of the back of the insert.