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WEATHERPROOF" Series, High Performance

I.P. 65 Green plated finish and gold-plated contacts



1. Cup - 2. Insulating plate - 3. Threaded coupling ring - 4. Hard, closed-entry insert - 5. Backshell (with Pg type or cable-clamp) 6. Sealing grommet - 7. Knurled assembly ring - 8. Sealing washer - 9. (Pin or socket) contact.


According to part-number, the pin or socket plugs and the cable connecting plugs of this series can be with any one of the following cable adapter:

Rubber sealing** grommets* are available for use with these different types of adapter ; delivered with all connectors, their use is compulsory with plugs and cable connecting plugs.

*Note: In the event of irregularities, particulary longitudinal grooves, on the cable sheating it will be necessary to fill the sealing grommet cavity with CONEXIL potting compound (page 28).

** Sealing grommets for a series of wires - Consult our sales Engineering office.


This series comprises plugs, receptacles and cable connecting plugs with pin or socket inserts.